Tom Baessler

Portfolio Tom Baessler

His free spirit and professional working style make him to a professional partner for his clients.

Tom Bässler, born in 1970, working since 2006 as a freelance photographer in his own Studio.

His fokus is on still life, food, product, and commercial photography.


AWG, Bessey, Böhringer Gastro Service, Decathlon, Endress Generatoren, IHK-Magazin, Mercedes Benz Classic, Pinti Inox, Steng Licht, Rienth,Schiedmayer-Celesta, Mega Airless, Kipsta, Kalenji, Quechua, Yves Rocher, Vivanda, Waschbär, Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim, Weinagentin, WMF, Uzin AG

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